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The good word
2015-09-24, 9:52 a.m.

I shared this link with my siblings. They may even be reading this right this second. Some of my friends gawked at me- why would you share such teenage angst with your siblings?

Because that shit happens. Because we write and draw and make things with our hands when our hearts are heavy and our minds are racing just to anchor it all. And that process is GOOD. And those feelings, they're NORMAL. And pretending they're not is a damn shame.

I wrote and still write some pretty horrendously angsty things that an adolescent would scoff at. But that's ok. Because I also write manuscripts, and poetry, and college exams, and music, and reports, and nice notes to the people I love. No one piece of writing is less valuable than another because I do it all intentionally and with meaning. I want my sisters to know that living life to its fullest and allowing all parts of themselves no matter what anyone else thinks ... it's a good way to live.